I was in the grocery store buying some more frozen vegetables when I spotted these stir fry veggies that were on sale. I haven’t made stir fry in a long time, but I thought it might be a nice change of pace.  Plus as I said they were on sale and you know me I’m cheap.  I also thought that since these are steam in bag vegetables it would be a nice time saver. 

I slice up one chicken breast, then heated up about one tablespoon of olive oil in a deep fry pan. Once hot I threw in a couple of sliced garlic cloves. After they cooked for a couple of minutes, I took them out, turned up the heat and threw in the chicken. I let the chicken cook for four minutes. I heated up a cup and a half of chicken broth, then added two tablespoons of corn starch no mix it in. Once the chicken was done, I started the steam veggies in the microwave. Then I turned the heat down the heat on the chicken and added the broth and corn starch mixture in and stirred it until it thickened. I turned the heat down to low and added the steamed stir fry vegetable mix .  I stirred all of that together and presto, dinner.  This all only took about fifteen minutes. I also made an additional cup of rice to go with this.