I won’t lie, I have been stuck.  After looking into sugar and inflammation issues, I have been extremely frustrated. It’s made it difficult to know where to go next, what to do. I started to feel like I had to start over in figuring out what the heck we should eat. I shared my frustration with Dave, he always has a way of calming me down and talking me off the ledge. I showed him some of the articles I found of foods that cause inflammation.  Top ten lists that included sugar, saturated fat, dairy, refined carbohydrates (flour), vegetable oil, and red meat.  Other lists contained more category type items like fast food, breads, processed foods, pastries, fried foods, and cheese.  Dave’s response was, as usual, laced with a bit of comedy. He said, “Well I guess we’re suppose to eat twigs and berries…no check that, berries contain sugar, so no berries.  Just the twigs.  At least it’ll be cheaper, we can gather twigs in the back yard.”  Then he reminded me that he has actually lost weight and has felt well fed, also he thinks I’ve been on the right track.   Yes he still knows he has to cut back on all of the sugar filled beverages and cookies, but overall we are doing well. As he often does, Dave made me feel much better about things, and he has a point, we have been doing pretty well.  So, I’m going back to my original path of moderation and eating just a little healthier without going too far. So no twigs for dinner.