Sugar has a lot of names, which can be confusing.  If you’re trying to watch your sugar intake, one of the first things to know is what to look for besides stuff with the word “sugar” in it.  Here are some names I found for the sweet stuff:

High-fructose corn syrup

Corn sweetener

Agave nectar

Cane crystals



GlucoseSugar cubes




Malt syrup

Fruit juice concentrates


Maple syrup


Corn syrup


I don’t know if that’s all the names there are for sugars, but it seems like a big list to me.  Food labels will also list “sugar” in the nutrition facts, but that doesn’t differentiate between added and natural sugars.  Natural sugars are ok, you don’t want to over-do those either, but they are better than the “added sugars”.  The American Heart Association recommends that women limit added sugar intake to 24 grams per day, and total sugar (including the natural kind) totaling only 48 grams per day.  For men it’s 36 grams of “added” and a total of 72 grams of sugar.

One can of Dave’s favorite soda has 46 grams of sugar (added sugar) all at once, the sugar ingredient listed as high fructose corn syrup. Not good, but at least I expected it to be high, it turns out there can be added sugars in things that you might not even think to look at. Now that I know what to look for I can start to make sure there’s no unexpected sugar in other foods that I’m buying.