Here are the numbers for the Pork Steak in Mushroom Soup recipe that I altered slightly from the classic Campbell’s version:Pork Steak a little healthier chart

Like the chicken and rice, the original nutritional numbers for the pork dish per serving weren’t too bad, they actually fell into what I would for the most part consider “healthy”, but again I felt the sodium level was a bit high and I knew I could take out some of the saturated fat just by trimming the fat off the meat.  I reduced the amount of mushroom soup I used down to ¾ of a can and I trimmed the pork steak.  It didn’t make an enormous difference, but every little bit helps.  By doing those two things the saturated fat went down by about one gram, and the sodium was lowered by about 50 mg.  Most importantly it was delicious.

Pork steak fat trimmedPork steak a little healthier plate