Here are the numbers for the chicken and rice recipe that I altered slightly from the classic Campbell’s version:

Chart chicken and rice a little healthier

The original nutritional numbers per serving weren’t too bad, they actually fell into what I would for the most part consider “healthy”, but I hoped I could lower the saturated fat and sodium a little bit. Trimming the fat off the chicken, and reducing the amount of oil used in the recipe reduced the numbers very slightly.  What really reduced the saturated fat and sodium was cutting down to a half can of soup.  Since there are only two of us it made sense anyway.  The saturated fat was reduced by 1 gram per serving, and the sodium was reduced by 326 mg.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s pretty good.  (Eat at McDonald’s Dave needs all the help he can get.)  We’re trying to cut back on salt and fat but still eat well, so I’m happy with it.  Later this week, I’ll see what I can do with the pork dish.

Chicken broccoli and rice