Cambell's Cookbook

This week I made a couple of meals using the Campbell’s Soup cookbook that I bought at a second-hand store.  Both meals turned out pretty yummy, but I suspect they may not be the healthiest thing.  With that in mind, I thought I would first calculate the nutrition numbers for the meals I made, that way I can start thinking about how I can make them a little bit healthier in the future.

The meals were actually much healthier than I thought they would be.  That said, as I suspected, both meals came in high in sodium.  The chicken dish had 987 mg of sodium, and the pork dish came in at 942 mg of sodium.  It’s not totally, unacceptably high, but I would like to lower the sodium if I can.  The saturated fat is ok, but I think it could be lower. Everything else falls in what I consider a healthy range.  I’m hoping than when I work on lowering the sodium, I’ll be able to trim some of the saturated fat down too.

numbers chicken and rice numbers pork steak in mushroom

The chicken and rice plate included one 5 ounce chicken breast, broccoli, rice, and cream of chicken soup.  The pork dinner included one 5 ounce piece of pork steak, rice, green beans, and cream of mushroom soup.  I also calculated in the olive oil I used to cook the meat in.