For day four of our healthier dinner plan I decided on salmon.  Salmon is both healthy and delicious.  I usually make salmon on the grill, even in the winter, but today I thought I’d forgo the freezing weather and pan sear the salmon.  I season my salmon with seafood seasoning and dill weed.  You can season salmon with salt, pepper, and paprika or salt, garlic and dill.

For these two salmon fillets, I push small squares of butter into the flesh side (about ¼ Tablespoons of margarine for each fillet). Then I very lightly rub olive raw-salmon-with-spicesoil across the whole fillet.  Add seasonings to the top of the fillet.

Spread about a teaspoon of olive oil in the pan then heat it up to medium high.  Once the pan is hot add the fish fillet flesh side down.  Cook for 3 minutes.  After three minutes flip the fish over and cook for 6-8 minutes more on the skin side, or until fish easily flakes.salmon-in-pan



I served this with steam fresh green beans and rice.  Delicious day four.  Tomorrow Dave says he wants red meat, so I’m going
to make steak, but healthier.