Many people are looking forward to ringing in the New Year with champagne and parties.  Dave and I are looking forward to the football.  Bowl season has already begun and tonight we’ll be watching the Orange Bowl and eating pizza as Dave requested.  We’re having a few additional people over tomorrow for the championship series games.  The Peach Bowl starts at 3 our time and the Fiesta Bowl comes after that.  Dave came home and told me that his friend Bob will be coming over.  Bob informed Dave that he may be hung over because he’s going out to watch tonight’s games at a bar.  Dave told him that the best thing for a hang-over is my chicken soup.  I guess that’s a compliment, I’m going to take it that way.  He says it’s the noodles that are almost like a dumpling.  I guess I’m making soup, which is totally ok because besides the nacho layer dip I was planning to make I really hadn’t come up with much in the way of food ideas.  I have chicken breast, because I bought it for next week, and I have the other things to make the soup, so no running to the store.  So soup it is.  Go Team!