This is really a post for Dave.  He loves cookies, and he wanted to know “are they bad for you?”  Of course he asked me this after he had eaten about four of them at a friend’s holiday party.  My answer was, “you know they’re not exactly good for you, but it’s the holidays, so I’m not going to tell you not to eat them.”  Plus they were delicious.  Well, tot be official about it, here are the numbers:


This set of numbers doesn’t include any icing that may or may not be covering the cookie.  Icing would raise the sugar content as well as the calories, we don’t really want to know by how much, do we.  What we already know is that eating four of them, or more (yes I know they were good Dave) is probably not the best idea.  Even though it’s the holidays, and you should have fun and not worry about what you are eating, I think we’re going to try to just cut it back a little bit.  So, Dave, instead of four cookies how about just two?  We’ll see how that works out.