While the nutrition numbers aren’t the worst I’ve seen, they’re not the best.  I’m pretty sure I can find a way to make this dish just a little healthier.  The sodium is way too high at 1378 mg. per serving.  The 17 grams of saturated fat is also way too high, so I’ll have to work on lowering those.  The first thing to go is probably the hamburger, and then maybe I’ll switch the sauce and or cut back the cheese.  I’ll wait a few days to make the next version, I don’t want to make Dave eat baked spaghetti for a week, but I will figure out how we’re going to make this better.  Also, when I start making my five-day meal plan I think the other thing I’ll have to look at is portion control.  This baked spaghetti dish serves 6-8 people.  I think I’ll need to start figuring out how to cook just enough for the two of us.  That way the temptation to over eat will be thwarted.