So Dave came home from work last night, and he could barely move.  Honestly I don’t even know how he managed to drive himself home because he looked white as a sheet from terrible pain.  His whole back was seized up.  A couple of days ago he slipped on some ice.  When he came home and told me he was pretty darn annoyed by it and a little sore, but ok.  I actually think he was more mad than hurt at the time.  Dave and I have both injured our backs in the past, so we both know how shockingly painful it can be.  If you’ve ever had a back injury, there are probably a couple of things you have come to know.  One:  is everyday soreness, you just get use to it.  Dave is a pretty tough cookie in general, plus he’s use to being sore a lot, so getting a good read on how much something hurts him can be difficult. (plus he’s very stubborn)  Two if you’ve ever injured your back you know that hurting it again can occur as a chain reaction.  You do something, it can be a small something, to irritate or jar your back one day and you think you’re fine, then a day or two later wham!  It seizes up and you can barely move.  That’s what happened to Dave.  So I spent last night trying to help him with ice, heating pads, food, and muscle relaxers.  He’s a much better patient than I am that’s for sure.  Fortunately, Dave went to the chiropractor this morning, and today he feels much better.  Not that Dave can slow down, but I guess it’s a good reminder to both of us to be a little more careful.  It’s icy out there!