As you may already know, I’m not a fan of gadgets or other things that take up counter or cupboard space.  Nor do I like to spend money on stuff that I don’t get good use out of.  If something is going to take up space in my kitchen it better be worth it.  These are things that I have found are totally worth the space and the money.

Easy Read Thermometereasy-read-thermometer

I bought this for about ten bucks on Amazon, and it’s totally worth it.  As you know, I had trouble making chicken.  A lot of the reason for that was total paranoia about not cooking the chicken enough and getting food poisoning.  The thermometer solves that.  This thermometer is not like the old one I had, this one is definitely easier to read.  It’s digital and the temperature reads really fast, which is super helpful. It came with a little tube for storage, which is nice.  Totally worth the ten bucks.

Hot Dish – TAN Don’t Burn pie crust shieldpie-edge-sheild

This is a pie edge shield. You put it on the crust edge of your pie so that it doesn’t burn and it works great!  When I was taught to make pies one of the steps was to cover the edge with aluminum foil, which was a real pain.  I would end up with all of these little pieces of foil on my edge, and one would inevitably fall off.  The don’t burn pie edge eliminates the hassle and mess of the foil.  Mine was a gift from Dave.  I looked it up and you can get one of these for under ten dollars.  If you make more than one pie a year, it’s worth it.

Kitchen Shearskitchen-scissors-1

I got these scissors as a gift and I love them.  They came with this sheath that has magnets on the back, so I stick them right on my refrigerator.  I only use these in the kitchen.  Dave knows he’s not allowed to touch them because I use them for food – no Dave notkitchen-scissors-2 for cutting boxes.  They are dishwasher safe so clean-up is easy.  I use mine to trim pie edges, to open food packages, and to trim stems on veggies.  I have no idea where they came from or how much they cost because they were a gift.


Jane’s Mixer – a drill

I have already drill-mixerwritten about my mixer, but it deserves to be on this list because it is both ingenious (Thanks Dave) and useful.  Dave offered to buy me one of those fancy stand mixers, they’re nice, but wowsa the amount of counter or cupboard space they take up would make me crazy.  If I were more of a baker I suppose it would be worth it, but for me the $17.00 drill does the trick.


glass-food-storage-containersPyrex food storage containers

I like these better than the plastic containers.  They do take up a lot more space than the stackable plastic type, but it’s worth the cupboard space sacrifice. The glass containers don’t stain over time like the plastic, and they just clean up a lot nicer in my opinion.  Plus with the Pyrex, you can cook right in them – even in the oven, which is like a bonus. If you’re going to a potluck and you need a container to transport as well as serve out of, these look much nicer than plastic containers.  I have a couple sets of these, big and small, you can pick up a small set for around $15.00.  As long as your husband doesn’t use one to mix paint in, they last a long time.