Over the weekend Dave went out to one of those big home stores to buy some shelves for the garage.  When he came home he proudly told me that he bought me something.  He then handed me a bag and I pulled out this tiny pan. (I put the fork in the picture for size reference)  I looked at it quizzically and said “um”?  He said, “isn’t that great, you could cook just one egg in it!”  I smiled and said “oh, okay, thanks honey”.  I have no idea what he was thinking.  We don’t really eat eggs often, I actually can’t remember the last time we did, and I don’t think I’ve ever fried just one.  I guess I just need to remember that as he was walking through the home store and, randomly, he thought of me and that’s nice, even if I don’t understand it.two-tiny-fry-pans

Funnier still, we already had a tiny pan in our cupboard ( I think it came with a set)