This is my electric mixer.  Yes it’s a cordless drill, and it works great!  This was actually Dave’s brilliant idea.  A few years back I was making something, I honestly don’t remember what, but what I do remember is that my electric mixer died on me.  I went to use it and it just did nothing. (probably from lack of use)  I was unhappy to say the least, it’s super frustrating to be in the middle of something and then get stuck by something silly.  I of course complained loudly, then I started trying to mix by hand.  Meanwhile Dave quietly walked out of the room them came back with this cordless drill he had just purchased at Harbor Freight.  He grabbed one of the beaters out of the dead mixer, put it in the drill and gave it a whirl.  He smiled and handed it to me then walked out of the kitchen, I have been using it ever since.drill-mixer

I use to have one of those rechargeable mixer gadgets that hung on our kitchen wall, but the
battery died ( I went through two of those things before totally giving up on them)  The drill is so much better, I’ve had the same battery for a few years now and it still charges great.  Dave said the drill only cost him about $17.00 (he bought it as an extra, he has other drills.  Since I have
owned other mixers, I had plenty of left-over attachments to use in the drill.