sign-fogo-de-chaoIt’s a good thing we worked up an appetite at Hoover Dam, because for dinner last night we decided to try out a place my sister recommended, Fogo De Chao.  I’ll be honest, we don’t always take her advice because she is what I would call a food adventurer.  She travels a lot, and is all about trying local fare.  Plus, unlike me, she likes spicy hot food.  However, Fogo De Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse, so we figured we be pretty safe with that.


fogo-goNow by our standards this place is a little pricey, about fifty dollars a person (plus drink) but totally worth it.  One, the food is excellent, and two, the experience is unique.  You don’t just go in and order steak, it’s more of an “all you can eat” situation.  They have a nice buffet of side dishes and appetizers, then when you turn your little button over.



They start bring you these skewers of all kinds of different meafogo-stopt.  They slice off a piece, which you grab with tongs and put on your plate.






I would like to say this is what my plate looked like, but that would be  a <<< plate of lies.




This is what my plate (or one of them) looked like.  >>>


They bring out everything from garlic steak (my favorite), fillet minion, leg of lamb, roasted pork, bacon wrapped chicken, pork and a whole bunch of others.  Just about every kind of meat you can imagine.  When your plate is full, you turn your button over to red (no thank you).  Until you are ready to restart by turning it back over to green (yes Please) and then the food just keeps on a comin’!

The food they serve at this place is unbelievably good.  They apparently have several of these places world-wide (not really near us), so if you ever get a chance, it’s something I would recommend you try at least once.  Yum Yum!