When I made the chicken tacos, Dave commented that he thought they’d be almost as good without the chicken.  I decided to put that to the test.  So, I made tacos without any meat.  I have to say, they were deliciblack-and-refried-beansous, and easier to make.  I made them exactly the same way I made the chicken tacos, but I replaced the meat with refried beans.  Yes, the refried beans will add some saturated fat, but I thought they would also add some flavor, and I really think they did.




I fried the shells, so a bit of fat in there and I made guacamole.  I also used sour cream and cheese (so a little more fat) but I think it’s ok.  I didn’t tell Dave they were meatless until he noticed, which of course he did, but he said they were really good.  Because I didn’t make meat it didn’t take as long to make the tacos, and I had a few less dishes to wash, which was nice.  If you like the flour shells you could heat all of this stuff up in the microwave in minutes for a qick and easy meal.

Pic tacos


Tortillas (fried mine, but you can use flour)


Can of black beans – heat upmeatless-tacos

Can of refried beans – heat up

Sour cream

Lettuce – shredded

Tomato – diced

Cheese – shredded