janes-cookbook-tornThis is my go to cookbook. My mom gave me this book ages ago when I first moved out of the house.  It’s beaten and battered, but I’ll never replace it.  It has some great basic, and not so basic, recipes.  It’s also an older cookbook, so it has a lot of old fashioned food from scratch.   It’s the same cookbook my mom used when I was growing up, so a lot of the recipes remind me of her, which is really nice.

I was at a bookstore today, yes they still exist – Amazon hasn’t taken over the world yet, and I thought I’d go through the cookbook section and see if I could find anything that would be helpful in my search for new healthy recipes.  I’m sure there are some wonderful new cookbooks out there, they had a lot, but I didn’t find anything that really jumped out and said buy me.  When I looked through them, I found that most of them seemed like they were written for someone who fancies themselves a chef.  I have no desire to be a chef and I’m not worried about cooking things to impress the in-laws or my friends.  There were also some that were called things like “Five Minute Meals” but the recipes didn’t seem terribly healthy, nor do I want to eat mac and cheese (even if it is “homemade” in five minutes).  Needless to say, I walked away empty handed.

To get more recipes, I’ve already started pestering my friends and family to give me their “healthy” recipes.  As you saw in a previous post I got my sister to give up her Awesome and Healthy White Chili recipe.  I’m also going to delve into my old tattered cookbook and find some basic recipes and if necessary alter them to make the dishes a little healthier.  With old fashion and basic in mind, I also might go to the library and look for some other old cookbooks and see what they have to offer.   (I would say I need to move towards cooking like my grandma who lived to be 98, but interestingly she cooked a lot of stuff in butter, bacon fat, or lard.  I don’t know if she ever thought about eating “healthier”, since she grew up during the depression, I think she thought it was healthy just to have food to eat.)  I’m thinking that maybe some old cookbooks will have some real food in them, with basic ingredients, so when I get time I’ll take a look.