Last night I posted pictures from the dinner that Dave and I went out for, they weren’t what I would categorize as “healthy” choices.  That got me thinking, do we always need to make healthy choices?  I’m sure some would say yes.  We don’t want to be on a diet, we just want to eat a little healthier, so no, I don’t think we do.  I guess if we went out to eat every night, and I know some people who do, we would need to be mindful of the dinner choices we make when out.  While it’s true that when it gets colder, we go out to eat more often, we still don’t go out all the time. If we keep the dinners out down to a minimum,  I think it’s fine to eat whatever sounds good.  You have to live a little don’t ya, I think so.  Besides, I’m not sure the place we were at had a “healthy” choice on their menu,  not only that, but as we all found out from the Applebee’s salad, even something you think is going to be healthy might not be. (So order whatever you want Dave)

I do think there are weeks when we eat out too often.  I have determined that to some degree, if you really want to eat a better diet, you have to cook it yourself. In restaurants there’s often hidden sodium and unanticipated saturated fat.  With that in mind, I have definitely been cooking more.  That’s why I’ve been working on is increasing the choices of things to cook, I also need to work out how to keep the amount of time it takes to a minimum.  Without these two things, I think long-term it will be difficult to maintain a healthier eating plan.