As I work towards building a five-day dinner plan, I have a feeling I should get Dave to make another food journal.  He does it, but he doesn’t love it.  After doing two of them, he does realize that I’m not going to nag him about what’s on it, so he can be completely honest.  Some weeks we go out to eat more than others, I’m not sure that fact is really properly represented in the last journals we did.  In the summer, we actually eat out less, because we like to grill.  What I realized recently is that as it gets colder outside, we tend to eat more crappy, or less than healthy food.  Whether it’s going out to eat, or eating a frozen meal at home, our eating habits seem to sink with the temperature.

If I used this week for example,I would have to remember what I had for lunch, but we all know what Dave had because he eats the same thing every day, McDonalds.   As for dinners, Dave and I  started the week well by having the super awesome, and healthy white chicken chili.  (If your wondering where the other 10 servings of chili went, I let Dave take it to Monday night football with the guys.)  Tuesday we both worked late, so we both ended up eating junk.   I cooked the fried perch on Wednesday, and today we had Jacks Pizza.  I know that tomorrow night we’ll be going out to dinner with friends.   So one day out of five (chicken chili day) was healthier.  See What I mean about our eating habits going downhill?  Yep definitely need a new food journal.