It’s funny, because I’m finding it easier to look up regular recipes and then alter them to make them healthier, than looking up specifically “healthy”.  It seems like the minute you use the word healthy in your search, all of the recipes that come up involve some weird ingredient.   That, or they go too far, having you eat nothing but a salad.  I’ve found it difficult to find just regular everyday type food that’s “healthy”. I know it’s possible to make average food that’s healthier, so I think in I’m going to look up more basic dinners and then change them to be just a little healthier.    Maybe not even a ton healthier, perhaps for some dishes all you can hope for is a little healthier.  I mean, that’s the goal Dave and I have anyway, “a little bit healthier”.  By altering things myself, maybe I’ll come up with enough ideas to put together a good five-day meal plan.  Just normal, boring, not spicy, not diet, food.