Dave really liked the chicken tacos I made last week and wanted them again.  Last time we had quite a few left-overs, so this time I used just one chicken breast for the whole thing, about 8 ounces.  I also used all the same ingredients as before, but this time I did make guacamole with the avocado.  I fried five shells, we only used four last time.   I still haven’t used all of the seasoning pack.  I think one pack will probably make four dinners for us. old-el-paso-spice-mix

I decided to recalculate the numbers for the chicken taco, now that I know that the chicken is not actually chalked full of sodium.   I used the label on the chicken package instead of Super Tracker.  Also I calculated in the spice mix for the guacamole and based the avocado on ¼ of a whole on each taco. Since Dave likes the tacos so much, I really need to know if they truly fit into the healthy meal category.



The sodium dropped by about 100 mg, much better.  Something else to note, of the three grams of saturated fat, one of them is from the avocado.   The tacos are very filling with the black beans, and really yummy.  Dave was full after two, just like last time, and we didn’t end up with left-overs.   The guacamole instead of just plain avocado made them even tastier.  The numbers came out pretty good I thought.  At least for our purposes, we’re going to count this as a healthier meal. Here’s the total for a two taco meal.