So now that we are done with Apple Season, back to thinking about finding some new recipes.  I’ve been thinking about making a chicken based taco, now that I’ve learned how to cook chicken without turning it into jerky.  A friend at work suggested a seasoning pack similar to the one I use for beef tacos.  It’s Old El Paso taco seasoning for chicken.  I figured I’d give it a try, I also thought I’d try using black beans instead of re-fried.  So, we’ll do a little experimental cooking and see how it turns out.


2 chicken breasts cut into strips

1 pack Old El Paso taco seasoning for chicken

1 can of Black Beans

1 avocado

1 Tomato

Corn Tortillas


Sour cream

Cheddar cheese

I start out with cutting up my tomato and avocado.  I’m just going to serve this with avocado slices, not guacamole, I think it’ll give us a better idea how the chicken seasoning and the other ingredients taste.  I peel and slice the avocado and place it in a Tupperware with the pit (it keeps the avocado from turning brown) I bought pre-shredded lettuce and cheese, so the condiment prep is done.

I dump a can of black beans into a sauce pan and heat it up.  I read the back of the re-fried beans and picked out the following to add to the black beans.  A good size dash of garlic powder, same for onion powder, a pinch of cumin, and a pinch of chili powder.  I stir those in and simmer the beans then turn to the chicken.

The package of chicken seasoning calls for 1 Lb. of chicken and the whole pack of seasoning.  I’m just cooking for Dave and cooking-chickenme, and even with just two chicken breasts I think we’ll end up with leftovers, so I’m not exactly going to follow the package instructions.  Plus as you may remember, I’m not a fan of overwhelming spices, so I’m not going to use the whole package.

I sprayed my skillet with cooking spray instead of using a tablespoon of oil. I heated it up and cooked the chicken strips until they were no longer pink.  I then sprinkle the seasoning over the chicken using up about 1/3 of the package, enough to cover the top of the chicken.  Then I added ¼ cup of water.  I heat the pan to boiling, then reduce the heat and let the whole thing simmer for about 3 minutes.  I check the temperature of the chicken to make sure it’s over 165, which it is so I turn off the burner.

corn-shell-fryWe’re going to try the tacos on both a corn and a flour tortilla to see which works better.  Why not it’s an experiment.  I put the taco together with sour cream, black beans, chicken, avocado slices, a little cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.  (I’m thinking that if I put Dave’s taco together it’ll keep him from getting crazy with the sour cream, and skipping the lettuce) Yes Dave Lettuce!

They tasted pretty darn good.   The chicken seasoning was mild and tasty, not overwhelming or hot.  The only thing I think I’ll do differently next time is make guacamole to give the avocados just a tiny bit more kick. Plus that’s what I usually do with the beef tacos. Two of these were really filling, I’m pretty sure I could make enough for Dave and me with just one chicken breast.  I’m trying to finished-tacolower the meat portions and boost the veggie portions of our meals, I think these tacos will work well to that end.  Dave really liked them too, which is good because as I predicted, we have left-overs. I’m sure they’ll be gone by the end  of tomorrow.