Halloween is coming and there is a lot of candy on sale.  If you live with someone who has a big sweet tooth, refrain from buying the Halloween candy early, trust me.  I was at the grocery store last week, and saw that they had bags of mixed little candy bars on sale.  I thought it’d be a good idea to pick-up candy for the trick or treaters since it was on sale, and so I didn’t forget and end up having to do it at ghost-graphic the last-minute.  I really should have known better. Dave has a huge sweet tooth, he loves candy, especially chocolate.  I was away for the weekend and left Dave to his own devices.  Maybe I should have hidden the candy, but I just put it in the cupboard.  Of course Dave found it.  I bought two bags of the candy bars, and one is almost gone.  When I found the bag he broke into and said something to him about it, he just smiled and said “I’ll replace it”, and “didn’t you learn last year”. “Ha, Ha, Ha”.  Oh yeah, Now I remember the same thing did happen last year, so shame on me.  I’ll admit once the bag is open, it’s hard to resist eating one of those bite size candy bars.  You of course think you’re just going to eat one, but it’s not true (especially for Dave).  So, do yourself a favor, don’t create the temptation, and don’t buy the candy early.  It’ll still be one sale on Halloween day.