My cupboards are a mess!  Have you ever been in your own kitchen and you feel like you can’t find anything?  Are your cupboards discombobulated?  Has someone been shoving things around in your pantry all willy nilly?  If the answer is yes, maybe you too suffer from someone “helping” to put groceries away, or from your spouse “just getting a few things” at the store.   It’s funny, it seems like no matter how many times I rearrange the cupboards, two weeks later they’re a mess again.  I went to start making dinner this afternoon, and couldn’t find what I needed.  What I did find was about five different kinds of BBQ sauce.  ??Why Dave??  Apparently they were on sale, or something someone recommended to him, or an impulse buy.  They aren’t even all the same brand.  The really funny thing is that I seldom cook with BBQ sauce.  Is this a hint?  Dave says no.  All the same, I guess I’ll have to come up with a way to use the sauce up (I need the cupboard space)


Anyway, what I think this is a real example of is how all of our brains work differently.  I put things away organized into what I think is logical.  Clearly my “logic” and Dave’s don’t match.  That’s ok, my mom’s kitchen was organized different from mine, and I grew up there, and she was a better cook than I’ll ever be.  Everyone’s different.   I guess as I rearrange all of my cupboards again, I can put some thought into whether or not I want any future help putting away the groceries. I’m sure I’ll momentarily entertain the thought of banning Dave from the kitchen LOL. Though after I find what I’m looking for I’m sure that I will forgo the banishment and opt for help unloading groceries.