Growing up in apple country, we had these every fall.  Baked apples are fairly easy to make and are a warm tasty treat.  I have made them two ways, the traditional way, and a variation with caramel.  I love caramel apples, but they’re really messy,  this is the way I make them easier to eat just by altering the baked apple recipe only slightly.  We’ll start with Baked Apples the old-fashioned way.


4 medium cooking apples (I’m using northern spys)3-northern-spy-apples

4 Tbsp. of White sugar

1 Tbsp. of Brown sugar

1 tsp of cinnamonbaked-apple-sugars-and-cinnamon

½ Tbsp. of butter or margarine

1/3 cup apple juice or water

Rinse and core the apples.  Don’t core the apple all the way thru, make sure to leave the bottom of the apple.  Mix the sugars and cinnamon together in a bowl.  Pack the mixture into each apple until each is filled, push a little dent into the sugar.  Dot the tops of the with a little margarine.  Place the apples in a deep apple-ready-to-bakebaking pan or casserole dish.  Pour the apple juice or water into the bottom of the dish.  Put them in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 -55 minutes, or till the apples are tender and mushy.  While they’re baking you can baste them a couple of 3-apples-ready-for-oventimes with the juice in the dish for an extra glazed look if you wish. Serve warm (Dave says with ice cream is best).


The only ingredient change for the caramel variation to this recipe carmel-wrapare caramel wraps or cubes.  I usually use ½ of a caramel wrap for each apple.  First, just as above rinse and core the apples.  Then fill each apple half way with the sugar mixture above.  Drop in a tiny dot of 3-apples-out-of-ovenbutter.  Then roll up half of a caramel wrap (or use a couple of the cubes) and stick it in the middle of the apple.  Baked the apple just as described above, yes Dave still recommends ice cream, but they are sweet and yummy all on their own.  (Not to mention you don’t need the added calories Dave!)caramel-baked-apple traditional-baked-apple