Getting three meals out of one chicken turned out to be a pretty good deal.  I wouldn’t call it fast and easy, but the cost per meal was fairly cheap.  The whole chicken was $5.60, the bag of celery I bought cost $1.49 and I still have half or more left.  The asparagus wasn’t on sale so it cost $3.99, I only used half of it for this meal.  I had things like, bouillon, onion, flour, and salt on hand, but I’ll try to estimate the cost of them for the per-serving totals.   The carrots, well they would have cost about the same as the celery bag, but Dave got baby carrots which were $2.79, but I only used about a quarter of those.  The chicken stock was kind of pricey at 6.38 for 2 in the soup, but the soup does serve 8 people.

Per serving the costs that I estimated for each dinner are:

Baked chicken dinner, with asparagus, mashed potatoes and gravy – $3.00

Chicken Caesar Salad – $3.00

Chicken noodle soup – $1.40 per serving (the whole pot of soup cost about $11.00)

Not all fast, yes cheap, but how healthy?  Here are some of the nutritional numbers for each meal.



The baked chicken dinner, with asparagus,  mashed potatoes, and gravy, came out higher in sodium and saturated fat than I would have liked.    I’m sure you can chicken-gravy-numbersguess why.  Yes it was the gravy, which had an estimated 9 grams of saturated fat.  This is from using the pan drippings from the chicken.  Plus the sodium is really high from the bouillon, but it was very yummy.  Maybe next time I’ll skip the drippings.




I showed the salad numbers when I made the salad, but here they are again.  I think they’re much more of what I expect salad numbers to look like (unlike the Applebee’s salad).  I have to say, I thought my salad was just as good as the one from a restaurant.



The soup numbers aren’t too bad at all.  The sodium is a little high, but the fat level is very low so I’m happy with it.  I do know that I can shave about 300 mg per serving of sodium off by reducing the teaspoon of salt in half for both the noodles and the broth.  Honestly, I usually use more salt in the broth, but next time I’ll try cutting it even more.