I decided that I’m going to work towards creating a plan for seven days of dinner.  But I haven’t really cooked seven “healthy” meals, so I’ll need to find more recipes.  I look on-line and encounter the same problem I had before, lots of weird ingredients that you have to buy at a health food store ($$) and foods that I’m never gonna get Dave to eat.  Frustrating, and we all know I don’t need any more stress at the moment, so since I think I’ll need both new recipes as well as old recipes that I can make healthier (usually by cutting out my traditional use of a crap load of butter) I figure I’ll start with this, an old recipe that I’m going to try to make it healthier.  Baked Chicken. Now this isn’t so much a recipe as it is a process, there aren’t a lot of ingredients besides chicken.  That said, I know that making the chicken will involve skipping one of these steps, so I’ll need to figure that out.  I posted the unhealthy way I have always made chicken in Another Late Day.

Baked Chicken – Janes Wayoven pic

Chicken – 1 whole

Margarine or Butter – 1 stick

Celery – a couple stalks

Onion – one

Salt – a few too many shakes.

After I clean the chicken, I quarter the onion and cut the celery and shove it into the cavity.  I also (and here comes the bad part) shove half a stick of margarine in the cavity.  Then I shove more margarine under the skin of the chicken and shake some salt on top.  I then bake in the oven at 375 for about an hour and thirty minutes. (Depending on the size of the bird)  I know, Bad Jane, too much butter!

Obviously the butter has to go, but how to keep it moist without?  Let’s try that brining thing we used on the grilled chicken.  Brining is supposed to do something to the chicken to keep it moist, and it did work with the grilled chicken.  (Well, that and not cooking the life out of it!)  Since I’m going to brine the chicken, I’m also going to skip adding any salt.  That’s the plan…wish me luck!