After the whole scary chest pain experience, I find myself asking what now?   Well, I think it’s time for an assessment of where I want to end up going with all of this.  I still want to just try to eat a little healthier.  I still don’t want to get crazy about it and go on some life altering diet.  But besides trying, what is the goal?   I was talking to a friend the other day about looking up food stuff and she said that like me she just wanted to find some place that said “eat this”.  I told her there’s actually a lot of that kind of thing, usually it’s referred to as a diet.  She said “no not a diet, or weird food, just regular old food, “I have to feed a kid and neither of us is interested in anything fancy”.  She also said “I don’t want to spend two hours cooking something it’s going to take me ten minutes to eat”.  My thoughts exactly.  I told her I will never say “eat this”, however I am thinking that I need to come up with a solid one week of dinner plans for Dave and me.  (I will tell Dave what to eat)  So that’s the current goal, come up with seven days of dinner plans, not to say “eat this”, but to say “this is what we’re going to eat”.  To start towards this goal I definitely need to add more “healthier” type recipes to repertoire, probably a lot more.  We’ll call that step one, even though it’s really about step 100, time to ramp it up and cook more food.