There’s an Applebees’s down the street from my job.  One of my co-workers and I decided we would go there for dinner.  It’s not my favorite place, but since it’s close to work I’ve been there a lot.   I was in the mood for something light, and I like the grilled chicken caesar salad, so I ordered that.  I didn’t choose it thinking “diet” type light or anything, but just lighter than the other thing that I like at Applebee’s, which is the shrimp and steak parmesan.  When I got home I looked up the numbers for the salad out of curiosity.  Holy crap!  Now, like I said, I didn’t choose it to fit into a diet, but still you would think a salad would have better numbers than this, even if it does have grilled chicken on it. Look at the 2,110 mg of sodium!  Also it has 1 g of Trans Fat, which is a big no-no (Trans fat is worse than saturated fat in regards to raising your cholesterol) in all fairness to the restaurant, this item is not listed on the lighter fare portion of their menu, but I still found it shocking.  However, I bet it’s better than the shrimp and steak parmesan, almost scared to look that one up.