10.  McDonald’s chicken snack wrap – Dave insists I put this on the list because he says it’s a trick food.  He thought he was making a healthy choice eating these instead of the cheeseburger he really wanted.  It turns out these snack wraps are loaded with fat and sodium, he should have just had the cheeseburger, better yet picked a different restaurant.

9.  Ramen Noodles – If you are like me and practically overdosed on these in college, you just can’t eat them.  Plus they are high in sodium and saturated fat.

8.  Diet Soda – Let’s face it, with all the chemicals in that stuff you might as well have the real soda.

7.  Liver – Because it’s yucky and it makes the house smell bad.  My mom use to make liver & onions and I can’t stand the smell, taste, look, or texture of it.  Plus liver is high in cholesterol and potentially pesticides.

6.  Long John Silvers – Every once in a while Dave gets a craving for this.  I’m not sure why, perhaps he’s feeling too healthy that day.  I give in to this weirdness once a year.  The meal Dave likes to get amounts to a whopping 52 grams of saturated fat and 2800 mg of sodium!  I think I can hear his arteries clogging as he eats it.

5.  Pork rinds – Because it’s fried pig skin and that’s icky.  Also they’re high in sodium and fat.

4.  Anything labeled “organic” at the grocery store – This stuff tends to cost twice as much $$ (or more) and it’s too hard to sort out the commercial lies from the truth.  If you want organic, go to the farm market where they don’t sell brand name labeled stuff.  Also keep in mind that organic growers still use pesticides, they’re just deemed “natural pesticides” and are unregulated.

3.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – As discussed earlier in “No Dave, peanut butter cups are not health food”, Dave was totally addicted to these yummy treats, and no they’re not good for you.  Because 4.5 grams of saturated fat, 210 calories, and all that sugar does not make for a healthy snack.

2.  Doritos – If a bag of these addictive snacks comes into our house, it is not likely to survive the night.  While eating one serving, defined as 11 chips, may not be terrible for you, who the hell only eats 11 chips!

1.  Jane’s Tacos – as we learned in my previous post ”Tacos Jane’s way – the numbers”, the tacos I make are loaded with calories and saturated fat (7 grams each)  They are also super delicious, so no one eats just one, which makes them even more unhealthy.