Have you ever read through one of those “best” or “worst” lists? The web is full of lists like” the 50 worst things you can eat” or “The 10 healthiest foods on the planet!” Boy can they be depressing.  I read one today that made me feel like I couldn’t eat anything, that if I don’t start shopping at a health food store I’m gonna fall down dead tomorrow. They can also add to the confusion regarding food.  Some of the best and worst lists show the same foods!  Arg!  Reading them does help you to understand why people go on diets with instructions though, like paleo, “real food”, ready prepared, or what have you.  But I bet even those people end up eating what someone else has labeled “bad”.  It’s really hard to find a balance between a restrictive diet and just everyday normal person eating.  Hell, just trying to figure out what’s junk food is difficult.french-fries

I went in thinking that would be easy, junk food is obvious, right?  But then everyone and their brother on the internet let me know I was wrong.  Sure there’s the somewhat obvious stuff like candy, deep-fried yummies, fat and salt-laden snack foods, but then there’s more.  One of the “worst foods” articles I
looked at today listed muffins.  I never would have thought about muffins as being junk food.  I think a lot of people assume they are making the healthier choice when someone brings doughnuts and potato-chipsmuffins into the office, and they choose a muffin. Dave would call this a trick food, like that snack wrap he was
so disappointed by.  Apparently most muffins are high in saturated fat, sugar, and whatever other bad stuff people can put on a list.  So, I guess you might as well choose the doughnut, or walk away (but where’s the fun in that?)