Yes, a hamburger.  If you talk to people who are into food, they’ll tell you about the best one they ever ate.  If you talk to someone who’s into “healthy living”, they’ll look at you like you just cursed at them.  Dave loves hamburgers, so I’m not going to ask him to give them up, and he requested that we make some on the grill tonight.  It’s not like we eat them every day, or even every week.  Are they bad for you?  I assume they are, but really, how bad is important.  So I thought it’d be a good time to find out what the numbers looks like.   I’m sure there’s a crap ton of saturated fat in the burgers, so I’m going to try to serve them with something that has no fat in it, like broccoli and skip making potatoes altogether.  I could boil or bake a potato, but I know that salt and butter would get added, so skip.   Broccoli isn’t Dave’s favorite veggie, usually I sprinkle cheese on top to get him to eat it, but today he’ll just have to suck it up and eat the broccoli to balance out the hamburger.  I think that’s the plan.

I’m not going to write a recipe, because I’m just making grilled, nothing fancy hamburgers.  I think most people can handle that without much fuss.  I know some people have some awesome fancy recipes, but I’m pretty sure they would all add more fat.  Plus, I’m not a chef, and plain burgers seasoned with a dash of garlic and a smidgen of salt are fine for me.  I’m going to use the food scale to figure out the nutritional values for the burger.  I already took a look and you get lots of options in measurements like raw or cooked, patties or ounces.  It’ll be interesting to see what the weight difference is between the raw and the cooked, so I’ll weigh it both ways.