We tried out the whole wheat pasta, and it was ok.  There is a tiny textural difference, but otherwise it’s the same as the regular pasta.  Is it worth the added expense?  If it’s on sale, maybe.  I saw a recommendation for eating 25 grams of fiber per day.  While dieting I had heard that high fiber foods take longer to chew and digest and that this makes your stomach feel full so you don’t over eat.  I recently read that a diet high in fiber in associated with a lower risk of heart disease.  Is this because you lose weight, or does the fiber do something else?  From what I found so far, it’s because of the weight.  I guess I’ll start looking into the amount of fiber already in our diet and see if we are seriously lacking.  If we are maybe I’ll look for the pasta to go on sale and buy it then.


Here are the numbers for the dish:









I was a little surprised at how much fat was in this, it’ actually more than the steak with squash that I made.


It’s the olive oil in the pasta sauce that makes the fat content high.  I can make this without the oil by pasta-w-chicken-no-olive-oil
either cooking the garlic using cooking spray, or using a garlic press and adding the garlic to the simmering sauce.  Next time I make pasta, I’ll try it that way.  Honestly I don’t even usually use the olive oil.  In the past I’ve always cooked the garlic in butter, then put the tomatoes in.  Now granted the olive oil is better than the butter would have been, but I’m not sure that skipping it would make a difference.    So here are the numbers without the oil.