Now that I’ve looked up the red meat issue, which was conflicting and confusing, I’ve come to the conclusion that red meat isn’t the worst thing you can eat.  We don’t eat a lot of processed red meat anyway, and that’s the stuff we probably need to steer clear of.  Dave is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  We both love a good steak.  Every year we by a side of beef, that we split with family, and put in our freezer.  We get it from a local butcher, so we know where the beef comes from, and it’s pretty economical.  I think that like many things, eating red meat comes down to moderation.  Should we eat it every day?  Probably not, but twice a week is likely ok.  I think we need to keep the portion sizes under control.  A one pound steak is probably a bad idea.  Another nice thing about buying beef from the butcher is that we get to choose the portion size of the cuts, we go with the thinner cut instead of the big thick one.  Now I want to figure out what the numbers would be on the typical steak meal for Dave and me.  I’m really interested in how these numbers will turn out because I have a freezer full of meat so you know I’m not giving it up.  2-t-bones

I use the food scale to weigh a single portion (we get them packed in twos, also a nice butcher thing)





The steak weighs in at 10.1 ounces.  I then cut off the bone.  According to Dave that is a sin with T-bone steak, but I really want to know what it will weigh without the bone.

just-bone steak-w-bone-cut-off









Wow, you cut off about 4 ounces trimming the bone and some loose fat off.  Weight without bone 6.4 ounces raw.  Here are the number totals I came up with for the steak.  Not too bad at all.chart-steak

I served the steak with a squash duck, it’s a variation of the potato duck I showed you a while ago.  I’ll show ya that one in the next post.