It wasn’t exactly the gung-ho banner week of healthy food here.  I guess I could have planned better meals for food journal week, but I thought it was important to keep it real.  If you lie to yourself you won’t get anywhere, so I think it’s better this way.  If you look at the daily averages, it looks like we are doing a tiny bit better, but we still have a long way to go. If you look at the daily numbers, they’re more telling.  For instance, the day I ate the Marie Callender turkey meal, look at the sodium in that thing! 1,1010 mg of sodium, wow.  This shows that I need to pay way more attention to the food label.  I mean, I expect bad numbers on a fun food like pizza, but if I’m gonna eat turkey I kinda want it to appear to be a little healthier, otherwise I would just have the yummy pizza.  Don’t get me wrong, they taste pretty good, but that’s just a lot of unplanned salt in my view.  I also ate at the Olive Garden with some co-workers and that was a saturated fat bonanza.  (I didn’t order off the “healthy choices” part of the menu, maybe you could eat there and not get 20 grams of saturated fat in one meal)

Even with his three cookie a day habit, Dave’s numbers look better.  One he dropped the peanut butter cups, and two he switched to a chicken sandwich.  Dave use to eat the chicken snack wrap at McDonalds every day for lunch.  I think he felt a little betrayed when he found out that it was not at all a healthy choice.  Much to my dismay, he didn’t feel betrayed enough to stop eating there.  However, he did switch to the “healthier” option, the grilled artisan chicken sandwich.  It does have a lot less saturated fat and less sodium compared to that stupid snack wrap, so that’s good.  cookies(Yes Dave, I know you lost nine pounds.)  Still Dave needs to work on cutting down on the cookies and the soda.

Dave has the sweet tooth, I am a salty carb fan.  I will need to work on cutting down more on the salt and the high carb (little nutrition) foods.  I think the big thing for both of us is that we need to get away from so much of the highly processed food, fatty foods, sugar filled foods, and keep trying to move more towards food with higher nutritional value.  (But without getting too crazy, again this is about Trying to eat a little healthier…baby steps)