I thought about giving this a clever title like, “Pasta the Whole Story”, but this isn’t really the whole story.  This is just what I found out about whole wheat pasta, and how important (or not) it is to use it instead of plain old pasta.   From the number of “healthy” recipes that call for whole wheat pasta, I expected more. whole-whest-pasta There are three differences between the whole wheat pasta and the regular pasta.  The number one difference is that the regular kind is processed, which if you have read anything about food lately is basically a dirty word. The nutritional fact numbers are not actually all that different, the whole wheat kind does have a few more vitamins and more fiber.  Important to me is the difference in price, the whole wheat pasta tends to be two times more expensive.  Now you may say you can’t put a price on good nutrition, but if I’m going to spend three times more money it really has to be worth it.  In this case, I don’t think it is for Dave and me.  I understand the issue with the fact that our food supply has become so over messed with (processed etc.) that people now talk a lot about “real food”, I can’t blame them.  However, in light of the other things Dave and I eat, I think the pasta issue is low on the priority of change scale.