Do I really have to buy the whole wheat pasta?  I’m looking for a pasta recipe, sometimes a mistake when I’m already hungry and I’ll admit it, a little grouchy.  Pasta is one of those great, cheap, fast, go-to dinners when you are stuck at home and you don’t have a lot to choose from.  We always have pasta and sauces in the cupboard, or something you can make into a sauce.  Like most people I have always used the regular pasta (refined pasta I guess) I don’t even buy brand name pasta, I usually buy the store brand.    I’ve seen the other pasta at the store, but never paid much attention to them.  I occasionally make home-made noodles when I make chicken soup, they are yummy and easy to make.  I never thought about the refined wheat vs. whole wheat pasta choice.  Now that I’ve been looking into “healthy” recipes I have found several references to whole wheat pasta.   I already know the whole wheat pasta is two to three times more expensive than the regular stuff.  Before I even consider what this stuff tastes like, I want to know if it’s really better for you, and if so how much?  No B.S.  I’m sick of being told crap is better for me only to find out it’s only a tiny bit better and expensive as hell!

Yep, I better eat a sandwich before I start looking.