The chicken dish I made for dinner yesterday was easy and really tasty, but is it healthy? (It’s the cheese that concerns me)  So I’m looking-up and add together all of the nutritional facts for the ingredients.  The new scale I bought came in very handy for calculating these numbers.  Each of my chicken breasts came in around 9 ounces.


After I butterfly them, which just means cut them in half, each piece of chicken now weighs about 4.5 ounces.



I again used supertracker to find the nutritional information for most of this (except the cheese and the oil which I just took of the product label) The food tracker didn’t calculate based on half ounces so I just used 5 ounces for the chicken weight.  This is what I came up with for the chicken:


Pretty darn good!  I was worried about the cheese, but I didn’t really use that much so it wasn’t too bad.  I think I can now safely say that we will be adding this to our healthier food diet. plate-total-chicken-dish In case you’re curious here are the numbers for the whole meal.  Pretty good numbers, fast, easy, and delicious, SCORE!