I haven’t totally given up on the taco, but I am having trouble finding a way to make them healthier without totally changing them.  Yes, I might someday make tacos with chicken, but not as a replacement for the original, and since we just had them I’ll put that aside for a future week.   I am still in search of more ways we can incorporate chicken into our dinner routine.   A simple and quick chicken recipe is what I’m most interested in.  As I’ve said before, I’m not interested in spending hours in the kitchen, nor am I a foodie who needs to find something spectacular.  I just want easy, edible, and quick.

I looked up a few recipes that are listed as quick, some I have my doubts about the authors definition of “quick” because though the food might cook fast, the prep work is not quick.  I did find one recipe that looked good, but I already know I’m going to alter it.  The recipe is for Avocado Caprese Skillet Chicken, I found it in one of those picture gallery lists, but the original recipe is from Cooking Classy.

I don’t have things like balsamic glaze or fresh basil in my kitchen.  I also don’t have fresh mozzarella cheese, which is yummy but costs a lot more than the shredded stuff.  My little grocery store didn’t even have the fresh kind, at least I didn’t see any in the cheese isle.  This may not really be worthy of the name Caprese Chicken, so we’ll just call it chicken with avocado, cheese, and tomato.  It doesn’t sound as fancy without the Italian, but that’s kind of the point.