We have firmly established that the tacos I make are bad for you.  Actually I recalculated somethings and they are even worse than previously discussed. (I forgot the avocado the first time)  I want to be able to make tacos that are just as tasty, but without the fat and cholesterol problem of the current version.  I started out thinking that if I switch to a flour shell that I don’t deep fry, it would make a big difference.  Shockingly it was not true.  The flour tortilla appears to have twice the calories and fat compared to the corn tortilla.  Then even if you add in my estimated number for the oil that sticks to the shell it only brings it up to about 2 grams of fat per deep-fried corn tortilla vs 1 gram for the flour (not fried).

(I can’t read it when it’s that small either, click on the picture to make it bigger)

Janes taco numbers

The majority of the fat in the tacos comes from the ground beef, so I look at that next.  I try running the numbers using 96% lean ground beef, yep, still bad.  The total fat goes down to 5 grams from 9, but the saturated (bad) fat drops only one gram to 4.

What if I act as if I have any control over how much stuff people put on these tacos, and believe me they load them up so that they can barely be held onto, and calculate those numbers using the lean beef and flour shell?  Also I think I’ll use black beans instead of refried, I hear they are better for you.  That did manage to drop the numbers down, but they are still high.  Like I said before, I’ve never seen anybody eat just one taco, so you have to imagine these numbers times two.  Ouch

96 grnd beef tacos

Might as well see what these look like if we eliminate the beef and use chicken instead.

chicken taco numbers


That drops the fat down a lot more, but would chicken tacos be as yummy?  Not only that but, who am I kidding, I can’t hover over Dave at football to make sure he only uses a half tablespoon of sour cream.   I might try to make them with chicken sometime, but I’m going to keep looking, there has to be a compromise less drastic than chicken.  I don’t really make tacos often, so I think maybe I’ll go back to finding some more recipes for our everyday type meals.