If you know Dave, or have been reading this blog, you are aware of Dave’s love for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  If you saw his last food journal you probably noticed that he ate them every day, he counted them as breakfast. Dave has now has given up the Reese’s and I’m pretty sure he thinks he deserves a medal or something for the feat.  I am truly amazed, but I told him his only prize was going to be hopefully a lower blood sugar level. LOL

He said he would cut back on the Reese’s despite their nearly superfood like quality (hahaha Dave), he did, then a funny thing happened.  Dave use to get heartburn a lot during the day.  When “cutting back” he noticed that the days he didn’t eat the peanut butter cup he didn’t have heartburn.  He cut them out totally last week and found that with the exception of the day he ate BBQ, he didn’t have heartburn at all.  I’m not sure how that worked out, I’m just glad it did.

So no Dave you don’t get a medal, but maybe you’ll have a couple extra shiny coins in your pocket from the money we save on Zantac.