Yep it’s ugly, the tacos I make are really bad for you.  Here are the numbers I estimated for just one taco made my way:

Taco janes way NumbersTaco fixings

Look at all that fat!  The numbers would vary depending on how you built your taco, this is estimated with everything on it, but the numbers would still be bad even if you left a few things off.  This is for just one taco, and I have never seen anybody eat just one.  If you eat two of these you are already over the 13 grams of saturated fat per day that you’re supposed to keep to. (According to the Heart Assoc.)

Out of curiosity,  let’s compare my taco numbers to one taco supreme at Taco Bell (they don’t deep fry the shells)

One Taco – Taco Bell

Taco Supreme Taco Bell NumbersTaco Bell taco supreme

The Taco Bell taco has fewer calories and a lot less fat.  Having said that, they don’t put as much on their tacos, but I suspect the deep fried tortilla is really the big difference.   As I said before, my tacos are really yummy and people love them, but they are really bad for you.  When fast food looks healthier than what you’re cooking, you might have a problem.  Sometime soon I’ll have to see if there is a way to make tacos and still have them be just as yummy.