Dave came home last night and asked me if we could have people over for football today and if so, could I make tacos.  I scowled at Dave a little because I knew when he asked, and flashed me that sheepish grin, that he had already volunteered, and ready or not people were coming over.  I told Dave he’s lucky he’s so cute, and that he was in charge of cleaning the house.  He smiled and started cleaning right away, he knew he was in a bit of trouble (but he also knows I can’t stay mad at him).

Dave and I both love football, and tacos. Though we’ll watch football almost every Saturday, I only make tacos very occasionally.  The way I make tacos is very bad for you.  I’m sure they are super high in saturated fat because not only do I use fried hamburger, but I also deep fry the tortillas.  They’re very yummy, and when we have friends over for football they’re a big hit. However, they are a lot of work and making them messes up the kitchen pretty good and since I call them “heart attack tacos” I don’t make them often.  Let’s face it none of us is getting any younger and we probably all need to watch what we eat a bit more.

As I did with the pot roast, I’ll make the tacos the way I always have, and then I’ll work out how to make them a little bit healthier.    Up next – Tacos Jane’s Way