Here are some of the numbers for the grilled chicken I made for the Labor Day cook-out.

Grilled chicken numbers


I wondered if the brining would bring the sodium level really high, it did a little, but the dressing had more.  Remember that the salt numbers I found were between 1500-2300mg per day.  We are going to try to stay at least under 2000-2400.  Since the total sodium in the grilled chicken seems to be high at 1073mg, I think I’ll try making it again but without the dressing (which will bring the sodium level to 723mg).  It’s a bummer because I thought I was getting somewhere since the dressing is Fat-Free.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to learn to mix some spices.

Keep in mind that these numbers do not reflect the total for this meal after people put stuff on the chicken, like Dave with his BBQ sauce, or mayo if you had a sandwich.  Those numbers would be even higher, yet another reason to cut the dressing.  I’ll keep trying on the chicken, next I think we’ll do a recipe that’s not on the grill.