This is Dave’s grill.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s big and it’s shiny.   It’s really a nice grill and Dave was all proud of himself when he came home with it.  I have used it, and still do on occasion.  Large things that you have to cook on low, like shish kabobs, work well on the big grill.  However, when it comes to anything that fat runs off of, not so great.


little grill

This is Jane’s grill.

We ran out of propane one day and I decided to pull out this camping grill.  I found that I liked it a lot more than the large grill, much to Dave’s dismay.  The large grill seems to flame up more, and cook less evenly.  The small grill doesn’t let as much air in, and you can control it if you want more air.  Because of less oxygen it is less prone to flame ups.  This is absolutely perfect when cooking a fatty piece of fish like salmon.  I really hate it when the edges of the salmon are all burned up on that other grill.  It also works great for hamburgers which would always be a charred mess on the other grill.   The little portable camp grills are not exactly built to last, but at least they are inexpensive, especially when compared to the big grill.  Although it only has a one season life, I love the little grill and use it most of the time. Dave, though still in love with his big shinny grill, did buy me a new little camp grill for Christmas.  Thanks Dave 🙂