I love tacos and pizza.  All kinds, from delivery pizza to Jacks frozen pizza, from Taco Bell to homemade tacos.  I assume they are not in the “healthy” food category, but how bad are they?  What are the differences?  And most importantly how can I still eat them.

Jacks frozen pizza is a favorite in our household.  They are tasty, cheap, and super convenient.  $3.50 and 12 minutes of cook time and voila, dinner is served.  I know terrible, but again how terrible is the question.

Taco VS Pizza



Now if you are trying to lower your daily fat to below 65 grams eating this will put you about half way there in one meal.  And if you are trying to lower the dreaded saturated fat to under 13 grams well your just about all the way there, so eat salad the rest of the day LOL.  Also if you add anything to this, like a soda you’re gonna be close to half way to crossing over the 2000 calorie line.  Well it’s not like I thought they were healthy.  What is surprising is they are not as unhealthy as I thought, considering they are fast foods I thought it would be way worse.

I keep thinking of that grilled chicken snack wrap that Dave thought was the better choice for lunch than the cheeseburger, yeah not so much.  That thing has 290 calories and 13 grams of fat.  I would have thought that the taco and pizza would be up there with that.

When we look at delivery pizza the numbers go up a little, some of that is because we get more stuff on the delivered kind and there tends to be more cheese, so there’s 35 more calories, 1 gram more saturated fat, and it’s 145 mg higher in sodium.  So in terms of pizza, Jacks isn’t that bad.  Now when we compare Taco Bell taco to my homemade ones the difference is huge, and not in a good way.  Here’s my estimate for one of my homemade tacos:

chart est one taco

Holy Cow!  That’s a lot of fat!

The taco is a deep fried corn tortilla with re-fried beans, hamburger, sour cream, avocado, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and tomato.

I do refer to these as “heart attack tacos” because the tortilla shells are deep fried – thus the whopping 18 grams of fat!   Also note that the tacos I make have refried beans and avocado on them, so that adds about 71 calories in comparison to the Taco Bell taco supreme.   I don’t make them that often, they are a lot of work, and while they are super delicious they are equally unhealthy.

Did I manage to answer my “how bad” question?  Well kind of, I mean if nothing else I learned that the tacos I make really do deserve the name heart attack tacos.  As for the Taco Bell and Jacks Pizza, they aren’t great but they’re not the worst thing in the world, I think they fall into the, eat occasionally category.  Whereas my tacos should probably move to the eat only once a year category.