Potatoes… My friend calls this a “potato duck”, I had never heard of that, but it’s cute.  This is the way I learned to cook potatoes when camping and it works out great on the grill.   Clean and peel (or not) the potatoes.  I like the red skin ones with some skin left on, an excuse for me not to have to be a meticulous peeler.  Some people like to leave all of the skin on so it’s up to you which.  Slice the potatoes, keep in mind that the thinner the slices the faster they cook.  I slice mine as thin as I can.  I try to be consistent, but again I have no chef like knife skills.  Then I roll out aluminum foil and put the potatoes on top.   I put one or two tablespoons of margarine and a little bit of salt on the potatoes.  Some people also add onions to this, but Dave doesn’t really care for them.

red skin potatoescut potatoes on foil

Roll the foil up and twist the ends.

potato duck on grill

Grill on a little under medium heat for about 20 minutes, turning the duck about every 4 minutes.  You can kind of tell that they’re done when the foil duck feels softer.  Use oven mitts or tongs to turn it, because the duck is hot.  If you do the potatoes with the salmon remember you have to put the potatoes on first because they cook at a lower temp. and may take longer than the fish.

When they are finished, I find it’s easiest to just cut off one end of the duck with scissors and dump the potatoes out into a bowl.  Some people prefer to unfold the end or center, either way be careful because the steam coming out is HOT!

finished potato duck