I thought for a fair comparison we should try all of the same brand of yogurt.  My local grocery had all the types I wanted in Dannon brand, so that’s what I got. We’re going to try: Greek, whole milk, low-fat, and Non-fat, yogurts.  First let’s look at the labels and see how different they are.

yogurt nutritional fact labels

The greek yogurt has no fat and twice the protein of the other yogurts.  However, the regular yogurts seem to be higher in calcium and other vitamins & minerals.  Interesting, it really is all about the fat.  With the exception of the lower protein level the non-fat yogurt seems to be in the race if you’re just concentrating on the fat issue, but how does it taste.  As you may know, I am very wary of all things “lite” or “non-fat” in regards to taste.  On to the taste test, because again, none of this matters if it tastes yucky and we won’t eat it.

4 kinds of yogurt

I bought all plain yogurt and plan to add the same amount of fresh strawberries (yes with a little sugar).  I think that way we’ll be comparing “apples to apples” as they say.  I’m going to label them on the bottom of the bowl, so Dave doesn’t auto eject the non-fat version. Then I’ll taste them and have Dave taste them and see which ones we like the best.


The results are in…  I pretty much liked all four, though I admit I liked the non-fat version the least.  I could for sure tell which one was the greek, because it’s a lot thicker.  Other than that I thought the whole milk, low fat, and greek yogurts were on the same level in regards to taste.  Now Dave is another story.  You should have seen the look on his face when he tasted the non-fat yogurt.  He puckered his whole face up like I just made him eat a lemon, hilarious.  He said he definitely didn’t like that one, but he didn’t object to any of the others including the low-fat version, which surprised me after the no-fat face.  He wasn’t particularly fond of the greek, but he said he would eat it if it was between that and the non-fat.  He said he couldn’t tell the difference between the whole milk and the low fat versions and liked those.  Happily, since I had to buy 32 oz. containers, he has been eating more of the yogurt.    So I think for us in the future, we will be buying the low-fat yogurt.  I may buy it already flavored, but I want to be careful not to kill all the benefits by feeding Dave something with a crap load of sugar in it, so I’ll have to look at the labels, yuck.  Or maybe I’ll just buy some more berries because that way I know what I’m getting.