Dave and I both like yogurt.  We don’t eat a lot of it, we should probably eat it more often, but what kind?  You hear greek yogurt touted as a super food, and yes it has some super qualities like being high in calcium, but it also tends to have a super price.  At my grocery the greek yogurt is typically twice almost twice as expensive as the regular yogurt.  Is it worth it?  Is greek really so much more super than the plain old yogurt?  It’s time to investigate because as you know I’m not a trendy eater or a dollar waster.

First I look up the greek yogurt and the plain yogurt on Super Tracker to get some general numbers.

Greek yogurt nutritional info

The greek yogurt has more protein and no fat, but other than that it’s a pretty tight race.

Since it looks like the regular yogurt has just as many vitamins and minerals as the greek, basically the hubbub is about the fat.  In this example the regular yogurt has 5 grams of saturated (bad) fat and the greek has zero.  I guess that makes sense in a, all of the benefits and none of the fat kinda way.  But what about the low fat or non-fat regular yogurts, how do they compare?  I guess we should find out.  Of course it’s all a moot point if I can’t get Dave to eat the stuff, so maybe we should compare labels and taste.