The kabobs turned out pretty good.  I think the peppers could have cooked a little longer, but oh well.  Dave noticed the different color skewers, and could pick out the kabobs that had nothing on them.  We both liked them all.  Shockingly the fat free version were just as good as the regular dressing version.  So in regards to fat, I could continue my lazy cooking ways of dumping a whole bunch of dressing on the meat if I used the fat free dressing. However, both dressings still have about the same amount of salt, so I suppose I should ease up just a bit to lower the sodium.  Here are the numbers for the shish kabobs I’ll be making with fat free dressing in the future.

numbers kabob healthier

There’s still 6 grams of fat in these, so they’re not the healthiest thing in the world, but at least they’re a little healthier than the ones I use to make.